Public Awareness & Community Participation


PERSGA’s Public awareness, participation and outreach activities are designed to assist the implementation of all PERSGA programmes and activities by ensuring a participative approach. These activities have been instrumental in developing environmental consciousness, encouraging local ownership of initiatives (primarily through the Community Participation Projects programme), and in promoting environmental education. They have also played a key role in raising the profile of PERSGA at regional and international levels. PERSGA has produced a variety of materials and publications to help communicate its conservation activities and help encourage public appreciation for the Region’s rich marine and coastal resources.

Al-Sanbouk Newsletter

Al Sanbouk is the name given to wooden vessels powered by sail and engine that have taken goods to and from most ports in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden for hundreds of years. Just as these boats transferred goods across borders, the Al-Sanbouk Newsletter seeks to transfer environmental and conservation knowledge amongst Member States and to the public at large.

Outreach Material

PERSGA ,on regular basis,produces brochures, printed in Arabic, English and French, and several other materials providing information on the Organization, the Jeddah Convention, and PERSGA’s activities. Posters are prepared with informative and conservation messages.