Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

The GEF has supported implementation of PERSGA SAP in the past. Since 2009, GEF is supporting the implementation of UNIDO-PERSGA joined Project “Reduction of Unintentional Emissions of POPs in the Coastal Zone of PERSGA region. In March 2010, the GEF approved the support of the Strategic Management of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Project, to be implemented by the WB and executed by PERSGA in the region. PERSGA is also one of the Regional Seas participating in executing the GEF supported GloBallast project, globally implemented by IMO and UNDP during 2008-2012.

World Bank

PERSGA partnership with the World Bank (WB) dates back to 1996. The World Bank was one of the implementing agencies of GEF supported Strategic Action Program- SAP (1997-2002). Collaboration with WB has continued since the conclusion of SAP, culminating in the development of the Strategic Management of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Project, of which the preparatory phase has been recently launched since February 2011.

Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO)

The Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), in complete cooperation with PERSGA is currently implementing a project in the RSGA Region on Living Marine Resources.

United Nations Environmental Programme UNEP

UNEP-GPA is PERSGA's partner for its Land-Based Resources Programme and has provided funding for the regional Programme's activities, including LBA assessments and development of LBA projects portfolio.

UNEP Regional Seas Program

PERSGA has a strong partnership with the Regional Seas Program. PERSGA hosted the Ninth Global Meeting of the Regional Seas Convention and Action Plan, 29th-31 October 2007, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. PERSGA has been the regional partner of RSCAP in several global initiatives, projects and assessments.

International Coral Reef Action Network (ICRAN)

PERSGA has enjoyed a long-term partnership with ICRAN. A significant recent project supported by ICRAN was the installation of mooring buoys at MPAs in Sudan.

Arab League

PERSGA has been officially designated by the Arab League as the responsible agency for implementing ICZM in the Arab world.