National Training Workshop on Assessment of Marine Litters in Yemen

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden “PERSGA”, in cooperation with the General Authority for Environmental Protection “EPA” in the Republic of Yemen, held a national training workshop on assessing scattered waste on beaches during the period from 18-19 August

The workshop was held with the participation of a large number of experts and specialists as representatives of various sectors, including the Ministry of Environment, the Public Authority for Environmental Protection (EPA), local authorities and representatives of the local community.

The training in the workshop was carried out by one of the PERSGA experts by presenting a number of lectures and working papers, most notably a working paper entitled “Guidelines for surveying coastal marine litters, methods of surveying coastal marine litters and the method of surveying” Rapid visual assessment of waste scattered on beaches

The workshop aimed to:

  • Training participants on assessing coastal marine litters
  • Raising awareness of the dangers of marine litters because of its impacts on the safety of the marine environment
  • Discussing ways to dispose of marine litter safely
  • And laying the foundation stone for preparing an integrated national plan for the management of marine litters scattered on the Yemeni coasts

On the second day, a practical exercise was carried out on how to do a rapid visual assessment of the waste scattered on the beaches, and then a discussion session was held, and a number of recommendations and participations were made, and certificates were distributed at the conclusion of the workshop.

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