PERSGA Framework Global Objectives: 

• To improve the protection status of globally significant biodiversity region and the sustainable use of marine and coastal resources.
 • To implement concrete measures to fulfill the regions obligations towards the related multinational environmental agreements.
 • To promote more use of clean technology and best practices, enhanced pollution control systems and improved control of land-based sources and successful rehabilitation efforts, including emergency response mechanisms. 

• To contribute towards poverty reduction and sustainable economic development, and implement concrete measures to fulfill the region’s obligations towards the Millennium Development Goals, with clear indicators and targets.
 • To develop and implement sustainable and transferable local models of poverty reduction in coastal communities. 
• To identify the potential economic value of the coastal and marine environment and implement measures to integrate the environment into the socio-economic development process in key sectors. 
• To involve all stakeholders, in particular coastal communities and the private sector, in marine and coastal management processes. 

Institutional Capacity 
• To build strong ownership of and a high level of implementation of the Jeddah Convention on national and regional levels, and build a strong and capable regional organization - PERSGA - able to execute projects on behalf of UNDP, UNEP, World Bank, and other donors.
 • To develop an effective regional coordination mechanism, successfully tested and in operation with full public participation.
 • To have on-ground activities that translate plans into action and present models for the effective implementation of sustainable development that effectively provides for its three pillars: social, economic and environment.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden