Mission in Djibouti,  2007 - 2008 - March 28th – April 2nd 2009 Practical Training on Analysis of Basic Seawater Characteristics; Human Capacity Building for Implementation of Djibouti National Monitoring Program
In 2007 a technical mission from PERSGA visited Djibouti and met with the Focal Point and the different stakeholders who all expressed their support to the national monitoring program. Distinguished support was offered by the Djiboutian Maritime Force, who expressed their willingness to help in collecting the samples. The first sampling mission was carried out jointly by technical experts from PERSGA and specialists from Djibouti in April 2008. Sampling stations (Figure 1) were finalized by discussion with the Djiboutian officials, particularly the Focal Point, Ministry of Environment. During the April 2008 mission Djiboutian specialists were trained on collecting ad processing the samples up to the pre-analysis stage. In December 2008 the specialists of Djibouti mainly from CERD were capable of collecting and processing samples independently. After the successful collection of samples in December 2008, two sets of samples have accumulated awaiting analysis. 

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden