PERSGA On Ground Projects

These projects are of limited size but generate quick results. They are important in terms of providing direct impacts on the lives of local communities in coastal areas. The projects are proposed by member state every one or two years, and are implemented by PERSGA with the participation of government agencies and NGOs.  The objectives of these projects are to contribute towards economic and social development, poverty reduction, and the interdiction of new knowledge and new technologies for the region. The on-ground projects have taken various forms such as the installation of mooring buoys at diving and fishing sites in the vicinity of Jeddah, the preparation of a learning portfolio" Education for sustainable Development" in Aqaba; project to develop ecotourism based on mangroves in Egypt; and were established three centers of oil pollution combating in Yemen, Sudan and Djibouti. Onground Project Book

Such projects include:

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden