Marine Litter Regional Action Plan

under the international initiative of UNEP/GPA for the protection of marine environment from marine litter, PERSGA with support of the Regional Seas Programmes - is currently preparing a regional action plan for the sustainable management of marine litter in the region. This plan includes the assessment of marine litter in RSGA and strategies for managing it in order to protect the marine environment; the regional action plan is expected to be officially launched during 2008. In this context PERSGA organized a regional workshop to discuss the regional action plan, at PERSGA/MEMAC in Hurghada Egypt 14-15 April 2007. At least two Representatives of the member states attended the regional workshop and actively discussed and participated in the development of the Draft Document. This activity was preceded by completing questionnaires through national specialists, in order to collect the data and information required for assessing the current situation of marine litter in the region. The workshop also discussed the current constraints and their significance on national and regional levels, and recommended several amendments to the draft document.


Marine litter in the PERSGA Region

This Regional Action Plan was prepared by PERSGA as a pilot project with support from UNEP Regional Seas Programme (RSP). The purpose of this guideline is to combat marine litter problems and access to sustainable
 management in the region of the Red Sea and Gulf of AdenMarine litter in RSGA.

Coastal Marine Litter Assessment Guidelines for Red Sea and Gulf of Aden

This guideline provides a methodological framework for assessing marine litter in the PERSGA region that can be used as a basis formally evaluating the level of risk posed by litter and the effectiveness of future mitigation programmes and strategies. The guidelines will also provide for national actions to taken on the basis of outcomes of the assessment.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden