PERSGA Library

The Regional Organization for conservation of the Environment of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden established the library during the implementation of SAP Project, to provide PERSGA staff and other outside users the information related to marine environment. 

The main goal of the library system is to integrate the library's electronic resources in a way that they can be effectively used, develop information resources and services that support research, education at PERSGA region. The system will provide physical and digital infrastructures that will help advance research and education.
PERSGA library divided according to UNEP system. Including (Atmosphere, Lithosphere, Terrestrial ecosystem, Freshwater, Marine Environment, Environmental management Environmental education, pollution, laws, Information system and others). The library also includes PERSGA Publication (Technical series, Reports, Guidelines Legal documents, brochures, CDs and others materials).

PERSGA is developed search engine to facilitate searching for researchers, students and other users using key words. The key word here is seamlessness and easy to use and the search interface works efficiently to provide the needed information.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden