25/09/2012 Inception of Ballast Water Management Activities in Djibouti

A One-day National training workshop on marked the inception of  the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Ballast Water Management activities in the Republic if Djibouti. The activity was organized on September 25th 2012. It was supported by the GloBallast Partnerships Project executed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO), funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by UNDP. The training included modules from the Introductory Ballast Water Management and Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement training packages that have been developed by the GloBallast Partnerships project. The workshop was officially inaugurated by Mr. Dini Omer, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Mr. Ali Mereh Director General of the Maritime Affairs Authority of Djibouti. The workshop was attended by about 15 participant representing different sectors dealing with the marine environment in Djibouti (i.e. Oil Terminal, Coast Guard, Maritime Authority, scientific community, etc….). It was facilitated by Dr. Salim Al Moghrabi as a regional expert and Dr. Mohammad Badran from PERSGA. Language was mainly French except in presentations given by Dr. Badran where language was a mix of Arabic and English. .

The workshop introduced to participants details of the international convention of management of ships ballast water and sediments. Ballast water is one of the main vectors in carrying harmful and invasive species to the coastal environment. Participants have also been introduced to other tools and conventions in line with the ballast water management convention. This helps in developing national tools for conforming the these international conventions. The workshop targeted establishing a National Task Force to follow up collecting necessary information and drafting a national ballast water management strategy in Djibouti. 

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden