24/04/2012 Follow up of the Progress in Implementation of the UP POPs Project

In the framework of following up of the of progress in implementation of project strategic reduction of UP POPs emissions, PERSGA Secretary General welcomed in office today April 24th 2012 Dr. Mohammad Eisa Chief of POPs Unit, Deputy Director of Environment Management Branch in the United Nations Industrial Development Organization “UNIDO”, in the presence of specialists concerned in PERSGA. Discussions covered several topics focusing on progress in implementation of the project and future joint activities. It has been pointed out that all components of the project have been completed expect some small steps that are awaiting response from some partners; such as training on the dioxin and furan analysis in Aqaba Jordan that is awaiting confirmation from Ben Hayyan Aqaba International Laboratories on their readiness for the training to be conducted. Closing workshop of the project will be carried out on June 10th, 11th 2012. Dr. Eisa from UNIDO in addition to a UNIDO consultant will participate in the workshop. PESGA will invite relevant stakeholders from the Region.        

In future plans it has been agreed that an interregional workshop of PERSGA countries and countries of West Asia could be organized in 2013 joining in addition to PERSGA and UNIDO the Regional Centre of Stockholm Convention in Wes Asia Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. Another workshop of the banking sector on financing environmental initiatives could be organized in collaboration with Industrial Federations in the Countries, especially in Egypt.

On development of the project document concerning control of POPs releases in ship breaking Dr. Eisa pointed out that two main donors have come onboard; Norway and Japan who will be supporting specific projects in Bangladesh and India. The World Bank is also considering financing by a loan a project in Pakistan. UNIDO will continue with submission of the South East Asia - PERSGA joint project to GEF. PERSGA in this respect will send reminders to the countries to send their approval of the imitative, enabling PERSGA to send an official endorsement letter to UNIDO. The main focus of the Project in PERSGA region will be advising interested investment in this field to start fully aware of the environmental concerns and keeping in mind the principles of Best Environmental Practices / Best Available Technology.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden