04/04/2012 Focal Points Meeting 2012

The Annual Meeting of PERSGA Focal Points was held on 4th April 2012 at PERSGA HQ in Jeddah. The Meeting was attended by PERSGA  Secretary General, PERSGA Focal Points in the member states and PERSGA staff, and discussed the progress in implementation of PERSGA work plan for the 2011-2012 biennium.  

In his welcome address to the meeting, the PERSGA SG, Prof. Ziad Abu Ghararh explained the objectives of the meeting, recalling the PERSGA Council Decision in its 13th Meeting in Khartoum to hold  the Council Meetings on biennial basis

The Meeting was headed Dr. Samir Ghazi, PERSGA Focal Point in Saudi Arabia

The Secretary General Report for 2011 presented to the Meeting has summed up PERSGA activities and achievements during the year under the different thematic, supportive and crosscutting programmes run by PERSGA, as well as implementation of joined projects with international organizations,  and on-ground activities in the member state; this in addition to PERSGA inputs and contributions to regional and international forums,  conferences and meetings of relevant global initiatives, conventions and projects. 

The Meeting valued the progress made by PERSGA in implementing its Regional Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change impacts; the recently achieved observer status by PERSGA in the UNFCCC COP. The Meeting also acknowledged and supported current effort by the PERSGA envisaged to  mobilize funding for adaptation projects and programmes in the region, particularly through establisnig connection with the Adaptation Fund to pertain PERSGA accreditation as a regional implementing entity. The Meeting appreciated the significant progress made through the expansion of the Annual Training and the On-ground Activities Programmes; and expanded partnerships with UNEP, UNIDO, ISESCO, WB and IMO.

Next to the PERSGA SG report, the programme coordinators provided a series of presentations on implementation of their respective programme components and projects in 2011. These were followed by a presentation on PERSGA annual reports on financial status & contributions by member states  and the ongoing 2011/ 2012 budget plan. 

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden