20/03/2012 Marine Litter field survey in PERSGA region

Within the implementation of the Regional plan for management of marine litter in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden, PERSGA has launched field assessment surveys on marine litter in the region. These surveys are conducted in cooperation and coordination with PERSGA member countries, and aim at establishing a baseline data on the state of marine litter on PERSGA coasts, focusing on:

  • Distribution and quantities of marine litter.
  • Type of marine litter.
  • Sources of marine litter in each location.
The assessment also identifies capacities and needs for organizing cleanup campaigns that involves the public in each member country. 

Identifying sea-based and land-based sources of the marine litter is a main factor in drawing and updating management plans. The current assessment was launched by surveying fifteen locations along the Sudanese coastline during March 2012. The assessment was conducted in coordination with the Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources (HCENR), PERSGA focal point in Sudan, with the participation of a national team of experts. The selected locations cover the whole coastline from the borders with Eritrea in the south, up to the Egyptian border in the north, including major urban centers (Port Sudan and Suakin) and several other small towns and villages along the coast.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden