18/02/2012 IMO OPRC level II training, in Djibouti

In collaboration with the Ministry of Urbanization, Housing and Environment in Djibouti, and Djibouti Maritime Affairs Authority,  PERSGA has organized a five days National Training Workshop during the period February 19th - 23rd  2012.  The focus of the workshop was to train national specialists  on preparedness and response to oil spill incidents. IMO OPRC level II training has been provided. The workshop also included introduction to the Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) software suit. Just before the training workshop started one day has been allocated for revision and finalization of Djibouti National Contingency Plan in the Case of Oil and other Hazardous Chemical Spill.
40 national specialists from different sectors including the Ministry of Environment, Djibouti ports, Maritime affairs, Coastal guard, Civil defense, naval forces, and many other sectors attended the training.  Response to a hypothetical incident was carried out in a desktop exercise, where trainees were divided into working groups, to work on the  hypothetical scenario of an oil pollution incident. The scenario assumed pollution near Moucha Island. Each working group formed responded to the incident as a crises management team. As the hypothetical incident was beyond the national response capabilities, the scenario included asking for regional support through online communication with the Mutual Aid Response Center EMARSGA.  In their briefing of their response strategies the working groups emphasized the importance of working as one team to reduce the pollution impact to the lowest possible level.
The last day of the workshop included training on CAMEO software suite that has been developed by NOAA and EPA to provide support to decision maker during planning and response operations. The training included different pollution scenarios and examples,
The main recommendations and outcomes from the workshop included (i) following up with the legislative authorities in the republic of Djibouti to adopt the National Contingency Plan (ii) development of a stock pile to serve as a response centre  (iii) continuing  collaboration between Djibouti and PERSGA for developing a National Database for chemical materials and other HNS materials in Djibouti.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden