08/01/2012 Ecosystem Based Management in PERSGA Region


In collaboration with the UNEP/ ROWA and ROPME, PERSGA has organised a regional training workshop on “Ecosystem-Based Management of Oceans and Coasts” during January 08-11 2012 in EMARSGA-Hurghada, Egypt. 

Thirty two (32) specialists in coastal areas planning and management from the Red Sea and UNEP/ ROWA regions including the ROMPE members countries as well as countries from East of Mediterranean have participated in the workshop. 

The training programme has consisted of interactive sessions on Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) through a series of lecturers and discussion groups on the basis solutions and tools used for Implementing the Ecosystem-Based Management (EBM) in order to achieve complementarities between the EBM and existing national plans such as Integrated Coastal Zone Management and Management of Fisheries and Marine Protected Areas.  

The working groups have worked on virtual scenarios for case studies in their respective regions through which they have been trained on how to plan, prioritise and select the best solutions to put into practice the EBM. In addition, they have been provided with skills of dealing with difficulties and o

bstacles and how to ensure and follow up the performance.   

The first three days of the workshop have focused on the illumination of the EBM concept and the implementation stages as well as the national and regional case studies among others the pearling industry in Bahrain, the application of EBM in Eastern Mediterranean Region, the enforcement of PERSGA and ROPME working plans and the management of the great coral reef in Australia.   

During the training several references were used with different 

national and regional case studies. However, the workshop was based essentially on the UNEP Guide “Taking steps toward Marine & Coastal Ecosystem- Based Management – An Introduction Guide. This diversity of experiences has given the trainees a good basis to identify and select the best options to apply the EBM concept in coastal and 

marine management. 

The last day of the workshop is devoted to discuss any prospect capacity building activities and to carry out pilot projects to facilitate the adoption of EBM in the Red Sea and Gulf of Arabic regions and to support the coordination between PERSGA and UNEP/ROWA in this area. 


The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden