20/10/2011 Adaptations to Climate Change in Djibouti

The Ministry of Housing, Urbanism, Environment and Land Use Planning (MHUEAT) in the Republic of Djibouti (MHUEAT) has launched execution of its national Project “Building Resilience for Adaptations to Climate Change in Coastal areas”.
The project inception workshop was held  during 19-21 October at Khor Angar area, one of the major areas targeted by the project in northern Djibouti. PERSGA participated in the inception workshop, and development of the work plan for the project component focusing on mangrove restoration and management in the area.The project, which is chiefly supported by GEF and implemented by UNEP, aims at implementing a set of urgent measures that will strengthen the capacity to predict future changes, assist local populations to adapt, and adoption of sustainable ecosystem based management production.
During the project preparation activities in 2010, PERSGA has assisted in assessment of mangrove degradation and development of restoration plan for Khor Angar mangrove, as a main component of the project. Afterward, MHUEAT, requested PERSGA to continue technical support for implementation of mangrove restoration plan of the project.The workshop was opened by HE Mr. Hassan Mohamed, Minister of Housing, Urban Planning and Environment, and attended by the Ministry SG Mr Dini Abdallah, PERSGA LMR coordinator Dr. Ahmed Khalil, several other national officials and the project coordination unit.
The project component inception program included presentations by the project team and discussion sessions with the district officials and local community, in addition to field visits to the mangrove restoration site. PERSGA LMR coordinator delivered a presentation on status of mangrove and their restoration options at the project site in the inception workshop. His mission program also included a technical seminar on mangrove ecology, values and restoration methods held at MHUEAT on 22 October 2011, and targeted the project technical team.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden