24/05/2011 A Regional Mission for Assessment and BAT / BEP Implementation

In the framework of implementation of the regional Project “Promotion of Strategies to Reduce Unintentional Production of POPs in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) Coastal Zone” and in collaboration with the United Nations Industrial Development Oorganization “UNIDO”, PERSGA has concluded an assessment mission that involved three countries in the region. Three international consultants contracted by UNIDO and PERSGA regional project coordinator visited Sudan, Egypt and Jordan during the first three weeks of May 2011. Objectives of the mission were to: 

  • Evaluate the technologies of the selected industries regarding the implementation of Best Available Technology / Best Environmental Practices “BAT/BEP” to reduce UP-POPs releases
  • Participate and advise on the initial dioxin and furan sampling programme at the selected industries; and
  • discuss possible resource mobilization plan of the participating industries for BAT/BEP implementation.

The mission involved meetings with several decision makers in the three countries, practitioners, industry representatives, and scientists. In addition to field assessment and collecting information on the present conditions of the targeted industries, the delegation carried out two workshops one in Egypt and another in Jordan. The workshop in Egypt was held at Cairo House, Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs and joined about thirty participants. The workshop discussed the standardised toolkit of the United Nations Environmental Program “UNEP” for assessment of potential dioxin and furan releases. The workshop in Jordan was held at the Industrial Complex of the Jordanian Mines Corporation. It was attended by about twenty participants and focussed on introduction of unintentionally produced POPs and their risks to humans and the environment. Industries / entities partnering with the project, willing for demonstrating pioneer examples of BAT / BEP include Sues Oil Processing Corporation (Egypt), ORASCOM for Hotels and Development, Waste Management Unit (Egypt), Hurghada City (Egypt), Safaga City (Egypt), Jordanian Mines Corporation, Industrial Complex Aqaba (Jordan), Ben Hayyan International Laboratories, Aqaba (Jordan), :Al Thagr Al Handaseyah, Port Sudan (Sudan) and the General Corporation of Cleaning of the Red Sea State (Sudan). Preliminary analysis of the data collected at different industries shows that these industries can implement BAT / BEP in such a way that reduces UP POP emissions significantly while at the same time cutting in the operational costs, saving money that could be used in continuous maintenance and development leading to even better performance and further reduction of emissions.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden