18/12/2018 SEM Project Closing Workshop

PERSGA Secretary General and Head of the Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA) of the Arab Republic of Egypt inaugurated the closing workshop of the Strategic Ecosystem Management (SEM) project of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in Hurghada.

This project was funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the WorldBank and executed by PERSGA.

The project has achieved several goals, including the development of management plans and zoning plans for the Wadi Al-Gamal Protected Area in Egypt as well as plans for the management of Dungonab bay  in Sudan. The project also aimed at diversifying the sources of income for coastal communities within the protected areas, which will significantly reduce the pressures on the coastal and marine environment.

The project has also greatly expanded the use of solar energy within the marine protected areas that was targeted by the project. The Dungonab bay Reserve was declared a natural heritage site on UNESCO\'s list, and the village of Al-Qal\'an has been transformed into a model of eco-village for training Marine environmental specialists in PERSGA MPA network.

During the workshop, DR. Enos Escori, the project coordinator from the World Bank, addressed the participants emphasizing that he is very pleased with the achievements made on the ground, as it will result in a significant change in the efficiency of the management of protected areas in the region. He stressed the investment of these success stories in order to enable PERSGA to get more projects.

During  the last day of the workshop, the Maj. Gen. Ahmed Abdullah, the Governor of the Red Sea governorate, the Arab Republic of Egypt visited the meeting hall and addressed the participants, stressing the importance of the achievements of the project. Where he had already inaugurated a number of these projects himself during the lifetime of the project. He also thanked the experts working in the field of conservation of the marine environment from the region.

 Before concluding the workshop, Major General Ahmed Abdullah and the Secretary General of PERSGA distributed a number of honoring trophies to a number of experts and representatives of the local community from PERSGA region, this was as an expression of appreciation for their efforts during the project lifetime.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden