24/04/2018 Negotiation skills for Multilateral Agreements (MEA) Djibouti City - Republic of Djibouti

The workshop on negotiation skills for multilateral environmental Agreements was inaugurated by Mr. Dini Abduallah Omar Secertary General of the Ministery of  Habiat, Urbanism and Environment in the Republic of Djibouti in collaboration with the Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden (PERSGA) which took place during the period from 22 to 25 April 2018  at the People’s Palace in Djibouti city. The anugration of  the workshop was attended by the Director of Environment, Mr. Houssein Reriach and other senior staffs of the Ministry.

The national workshop was held with the participation of a number of environmental experts and consultants from Republic of Djibouti as well as experts from PERSGA. More than 25 participants coming from various ministries, NGOs and local bodies inside  Republic of Djibouti and working in the fields related to environmental conservation had participated in this national workshop.

The activities of the workshop dealt with one important topics in environmental management efforts and the adoption of sustainable development approach that has become a target of international attention and the collective efforts in combatting the pollution and environmental degradation world wide. Two lectures from Djibouti with extensive experience in international negoiations especially in Climate Change and Biodiversity has contributed to the events of the workshop amid very intractive discussions and debates from the participants.

The sessions of this workshop lead by IMO consultant and the International Expert Capt. Babucar Diop focused on the strengthening of the capabilities of participants through the use of "simulators" reflecting the atmosphere of negotiations and helping theparticipants to play the real roles of the negotiators and the hand-on practical exercises to strengthen their negotiating capacity. The participants were able to build texts for three bilateral and multilateral agreements through wide discussion and debate which reflected the real world of negotiations. 

The workshop dealt with a series of lectures presented by PERSGA experts and the Djiboutain lecturers on the history of multilateral environmental diplomacy and its evolution along with in-depth analysis for all Conference of the Parties, especially in the field of climate change and Biodiversity. The lecturers presented the processes and mechanisms of negotiation and the latest developments in the ongoing Climate Change negotiations especially after the Paris Agreements and the move to the implementation process. 

The participants were able to in the course of this interactive and practical application of the special negotiating simulators to enhance their abilities in the field of debate and learning of procedures necessary to negotiate in an atmosphere similar to the reality of the international conferences and parties relating to the conservation of the environment and natural resources.

The activities of this national workshop was widely covered in the Dijboutain  media especially television, the press and the electronic websites both in French and Arabic languages. The last day of the workshop was attended by the Direcror of Environment Mr. Houssein Rirach Robleh  who thanked PERSGA for its efforts to make this national workshop a reality and distriuted the certificates of the attendance to the participants.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden