20/02/2018 Assessment of the marine litters along the Egyptian Coasts

Within the framework of the marine litter management program in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden to protect the marine environment and natural resources, PERSGA has implemented the initial phase of the field survey to assess the marine litters on the shores of the Red Sea in the Arab Republic of Egypt. This survey has been conducted in full coordination and cooperation with the National Focal Point (EEAA) during January-February 2018. The purpose of these field surveys is to evaluate the Baseline Visual Rapid Survey of solid wastes scattered on the Red Seacoasts, aiming to identify:

  • The level of accumulation of solid waste scattered in these sites;
  • The predominant types of waste scattered in each location;
  • Sources of these scattered litters.
 Through these field surveys, PERSGA aims to determine the need for periodic awareness and cleaning campaigns for beaches, and to select some sites that will be included in the regional monitoring program for marine debris. The knowledge of the types and sources of these wastes - whether from land through human activities (Land Based) or from the sea through local, tourist and transit vessels (Sea Based) –such surveys play a key role in the development of a regional strategy for the management of wastes and litters in the marine environment in PERSGA region.This first phase of the field surveys was carried out along the Red Sea coast of the Arab Republic of Egypt. These surveys included several different sites along the coast, which began southward from WadiLahmi to RasGhareb north on the Gulf of Suez. The main sites surveyed were 63 sites, which included all the major coastal areas (Hurghada, Quseir, Safaga, MarsaAlam, RasGhareb) and other sites, including villages, boat anchoring sites and marina / marina / Areas of Shura trees and remote locations of residential communities within the Red Sea Governorate, and each beach was documented by name, events and pictures (with some clips of some sites).At the end of the survey, the technical team of the Commission met with the experts of the protected areas and the Environmental Affairs Agency at the EEAA in Cairo to review the work and results of the first phase of the field surveys and the next steps that the Authority is seeking to implement for waste management at the regional level.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden