19/05/2016 Field Missions in Port Sudan, Dungonab Bay Mukkawar Island and Wadi el Gemal Hamata National Parks

A follow up mission was conducted during the period May 19th -27th 2016 for implementation of the Management Plan. The mission included meetings and interviews with officials and non-officials of Dungonab-Mukawar Island National Park stakeholders and give them a copy of the Management Plan in English & Arabic versio. Discussions were held with the Park’s personnel, the project national coordinator and the marine habitat survey team on the necessary tools and equipments for the park management. Conduct meetings with the national Steering Committee and also with the National Procurement Committee and discuss with them the priority for purchasing equipments and tools for the management. Then, field visits to Dungonab-Mukawar Island National Park to identify the borders and the signs locations. Identify existing infrastructure and other facilities to be used in the development of Dungonab-Mukawar Island National Park. Identify training needs for the management and planning of Dungonab NP staff and rangers.


A similar mission was conducted at Wadi El-Gemal-Hamata National Park on June 18-23th 2016. During this mission PERSGA PCU Staff met with the Egyptian SEM National Coordinator and the SEM National Steering Committee to discuss activities and budget allocation for Component One. The delegation visited the main Headquarter of the Red Sea National Park and met with the monitoring team to follow the progress in components One & THREE. PERSGA team also observed the process of receiving equipments of components on ground and followed up entering these equipment at the official EEAA stores and records.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden