07/06/2016 Participation in the GEF 18th Large Marine Ecosystems Meeting

Participation in GEF International Waters LME Meeting for Consolidation and Visualization of LME Partnership is in Accordance with GEF LME Learn Project, and Engaging Marine and Coastal Projects Leaders in Meeting those Objectives. The meeting comes in the framework of the regular events organized by GEF International Waters for enhancing collaboration and synergy between the different GEF International Waters Projects. GEF emphasizes the importance of such meetings and encourages Projects Managers participation within the financial allocations of Projects that they manage. PERSGA Secretary General and the Project manager participated in the meeting which took place during the period December 5th - 8th 2016.
PERSGA participation in GEF International Waters Meetings is in fulfilment of the performance indicators in the Project. The meeting consisted of one day for data sharing and data management and three days meetings for networking between the different GEF Projects and introduction of new approaches for GEF Projects Management and targeting new projects. 
The data and information management plan is a formal document outlining how data and information will be managed, stored, documented and secured throughout a GEF Project as well as planning for what will happen to the data and information after completion of the project. This includes a stakeholder needs of functionalities. It should be done in collaboration and consultation between projects and the LME Learn working group that can advise on specific activities and related data and information requirements.

Meetings in the subsequent three days focused on:
  •  Fostering a mutually supportive global network of leaders and institutions engaged in marine and coastal ecosystem based management by providing a forum for LME , ICM, MPA, and other marine and coastal oriented project leaders to discuss experiences and lessons learned;
  •  Mobilizing knowledge resources, new scientific applications and tools to support project implementation and organizational action related to priority knowledge topics;
  •   Reviewing marine and coastal project progress in regions, disseminating best practices amongst projects, and discussing emerging issues requiring common responses;
  •  Sharing lessons learned from existing efforts with regard to the LME Governance project priorities (i.e. regional networks, capacity building training and twinning) and identify future priorities to help guide the implementation of the project.

    The meeting provided an opportunity to discuss the contribution of GEF marine projects to the implementation of the Agenda 2030, particularly SDG 14 as well as other SDGs, in light of the forthcoming UN Conference on SDG 14 implementation to take place in June 2017.  Brief on the SEM Project and its alignment with these objectives as well as possible networking was presented in the group of GEF Projects in Africa.
  • The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden