08/10/2015 PERSGA in the Sixth Conference of the Islamic Environment Ministers

PERSGA has attended the Sixth Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers at ISESCO H.Q in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco from 8-9 October 2015. The meeting was held under the auspices of H.M King Mohammed VI of Morocco. The Conference which deliberated for over two days under the slogan of, "Climate Change: challenges of the future for sustainable development", urged the Member States to actively participate in the "COP21 in Paris" by the emphasis on the constructive initiatives and concrete recommendations of the  previous Islamic Ministerial conferences in collaboration with a number of specialized international organizations and bodies.

The  Conference, in Rabat, discussed the recommendations and decisions relating to the areas of "governance of the environment" and "integrated water resources management strategy" and "the general framework of the program of the Islamic Action on Sustainable Development", and the current development in the establishment of "Islamic Academy of environment and sustainable development" to be based in Rabat, and the launch of the "Saudi Arabia Award for environmental management in the Islamic world. "The conference issued at its conclusion, "the Declaration of the Islamic environmental protection and sustainable development". The Conference authorized its President H.E Dr. Abdul Aziz Bin Omar Al-Jasser, President of Meteorology and Environment Protection (PME) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to talk on its behalf at the 21th  United Nations conference on climate change to be held in Paris in December 2015 and to take the appropriate measures to publicize the contents of this declaration  and to renew the Member States political commitment to support the global agenda for sustainable development in accordance with the principles and terms of reference agreed upon internationally and to harness all national and international efforts to achieve sustainable development. 

The declaration called for the fulfilling the financial and technical commitments and the establishment of national structures for sustainable development and the strengthening of existing ones in each country; to undertake the implementation of sustainable development plans and programs and for the strengthening internal institutions to ensure a proper implementation with the involvement of civil society organizations and the private sector in this regard.The final declaration praised the role of United Nations agencies in the field of environment and sustainable development, stressing the need to strengthen cooperation with Member States in the field of capacity building by providing technical and financial means to implement the relevant projects in this area. 

It calls for the international community to take concrete steps towards external debt cancellation and to facilitate access to international markets, technology transfer and technical capacity-building in the Member States of the Islamic Conference. It urged the international community to work together to end the civil wars, conflicts and occupation and colonization, to ensure social and economic justice in order to achieve sustainable development.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden