18/01/2015 The Cost of Environmental Degradation in Egypt

In cooperation with the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency “EEAA”, PERSGA organized a National Workshop on “The Cost of Environmental Degradation in Egypt” that has been held in the framework of an integrated program of the cost of environmental degradation and economic valuation of the coastal and marine resources along the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden.

The workshop was held at the Cairo House, Cairo, Egypt during the period January 18th - 21th 2009.  More than sixty specialists from EEAA and other concerned authorities participated in the workshop. The main objectives of the workshop were to stress the importance of the cost analysis of environmental degradation in general and the Egyptian Red Sea in particular, provide a training to the participants on methods used in cost of degradation of the environment, economic valuation of coastal and marine resources and to improve capabilities of applying these methods in Egypt. 

The workshop witnessed effective discussions between the participants. Discussions have been facilitated by an invited international expert, and a national expert and two experts from PERSGA.An opening ceremony speech was delivered His Excellency Eng. Ahmad Abu El-Soud Ahamd the Executive Director of EEAA, Egypt.   Eng. Ahmad Abu El-Soud welcomed the participants and the invited speakers in Egypt. Further he provided information on recent actions undertaken by EEAA related to the future of the processes of economic valuation and the cost of environmental degradation in Egypt and also thank PERSGA for the effort on organized this workshop. 

The workshop came out with several recommendations, amongst were: 

  • Maintain studies and capacity building in the field of the cost of environmental degradation and the economic valuation of the coastal and marine resources in Egypt and the region.
  • Encourage PERSGA Member States to adopt a COED concept (if not existed) and sustain a mean for its integration in the process of the environmental management 
  • Enhancing linkages with relevant/developed COED government agencies units the National level with PERSGA;
  • PERSGA is to maintain Building capacity of its member states on COED, particularly on the marine and coastal ecosystem;
  • Development of a regional guidelines on CEOD on marine and coastal ecosystems is to be considered by PERSGA
  • To conduct a learning needs assessment before the training, to gauge the participants' level of awareness and understanding of the training process and focus, in order to ensure an effective agenda and implementation.
  • To encourage PERSGA Member States to establish a mechanism for follow-up on the outcomes of the training .

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden