12/10/2014 PERSGA Participation in the Information and Indicators meeting

PERSGA participated in “The Joint Meeting of the Indicators and the Networking Working Groups in the Arab Region which was held during 12-16 October 2014, at a five starts Hotel, Cairo, Egypt. 
The meeting encompassed several joint and crosscutting issues of sustainable development and environmental indicators in its agenda. Activities of the eight sessions of the meeting varied including presentations by participating countries and organizations, group works and discussions.
The keys issues tackled by presentations and discussions included the data infra structure, the core set of sustainable development indicators for the Arab Region; data, indicators & indexes: experiences of the member countries and organizations, challenges, opportunities and lesson learned; national and regional networking, and linkages to international networks; and status of availability of environmental data and information in the region.
The meeting also discussed and discussed ToRs for working groups on sustainable development and environmental indicators.A full session of the meeting was allocated for a conference call with Global Environmental Outlook, GEO6 secretariat at UNEP (Nairobi) and discussed preparations for the GEO6, the region’s participation, and the subsequent consultation meeting in Berlin.
The meeting also discussed cooperation and support of regional and international networks, including the Arab network, AGEDI, and UNEP-LIVE, and reviewed the elements of the regional strategy for environmental data and networking to provide suggestions for revision and finalization of the strategy. The meeting was organized and supported by a joint secretariat of the Arab League- SD Initiative, UNEP-ROWA, ESCWA and AGEDI.PERSGA delegate in the meeting offered a presentation on PERSGA relevant efforts. The presentation signified PERSGA programs and activities focusing on monitoring of key habitats and species, coastal waters; standard methods and indicators used; PERSGA database and information system; and current efforts and to develop PERSGA tracking system supported by dynamic maps and linked to regional indicators for state, pressures and response; as well as indices to measure progress in implementing the Regional Convention and Protocols.
The meeting drew several recommendations concerning enhmencement of regional cooperation for promotion and support the use of SD indicators, environmental data and networking in the region; in addition to strengthen linkages and participation in global and regional networks, data sets and initiatives in this field.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden