29/10/2014 PERSGA participated in the fourth coordination meeting of Climate Change

Within the framework of the continuous cooperation between PERSGA and the Arab League, PERSGA participated in the fourth coordination meeting to follow up the “Arab plan of action for dealing with climate change issues”. The meeting has been organized by the administration of housing and sustainable development of the Council of Arab Ministers Responsible for the Environment, and was held at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo during 29 - 30 October 2014. 

The meeting addressed several issues, including: the current status of climate change committees in each of the Arab country and the establishment of a mechanism for coordination between the national committees of climate change, and a review of the programs and projects presented within the plan of action and discussing options for funding. 

During the meeting, the PERSGA representative  provided an overview of PERSGA efforts in the climate change impacts assessment; ecosystems based adaptation to climate change in the region; and how to reduce vulnerability and cope with these effects. These efforts have included projects that were executed in the Republic of Sudan and the Republic of Djibouti and the Republic of Yemen. 

The meeting concluded with a number of important recommendations such as: requesting the Arab states to prepare detailed reports on the activities of National Committee of the climate in each country; Assigning the Technical Secretariat of the Council to prepare a memorandum   the national committees of climate change in the Arab countries. Asking the Arab countries and Arab organizations to provide the Technical Secretariat Council their successful experiences in financing and implementing projects and programs related to climate change to take advantage of them in developing appropriate programs and projects within the "Arab plan to deal with the issues of climate change "

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden