16/06/2014 PERSGA at the Opportunities for Investment in Environmental Projects Conference

The conference on Opportunities for Investment in Environmental Projects commenced immediately after the closure of the Ministerial Meeting. It was set in progress in the presence of General Ahmed Abdullah(Red Sea Governor), Dr. Laila Iskandar(Minister of State for Environmental Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt) and a number of Arab environment ministers, senior officials in the economic sector of the Arab League and many international development and civil society organizations, businessmen and investors.During the opening session of the conference, speakers stressed the importance of preserving the environment and expending more effort to reduce pollution.
They emphasized the importance of expanding investment in environmentally-friendly projects and avoiding investing in projects that damage the environment because of their negative effects on public health in the community and therefore on the economy, as well as the high costs of eliminating the resulting environmental damage.
At the exhibition PERSGA displayed a large number of its scientific books and publications that illustrate the importance of the Red Sea marine environment and the rich ecological biodiversity present, including many endemic species.
These publications include: the first and second version of Masterpieces of the Red Sea,Guidelines to International and Regional Legislation to Protect the Marine Environment,Guidelines to Assess the Status of Areas Affected by Pollution Incidents,Guidelines for the Establishment and Management of Marine Protected Areas,Regional Strategy for Education for Sustainable Development, and Coastal Marine Litter Assessment Guidelines for the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden in both Arabic and English languages, in addition to many periodicals, newsletters and other pamphlets prepared during the year. 
PERSGA also ran several educational films and showed documentaries that explain PERSGA’s activities in the region.The public expressed their admiration of these publications and media presentations. All the samples on offer were collected by visitors within a few hours.The PERSGA booth attracted a large number of visitors from a variety of academic and professional disciplines,senior officials from governments, representatives from international development and civil society organizations, businessmen, investors and others.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden