27/05/2014 First Arab Maritime Forum and Exhibition

Within the frame work of cooperation with the League of Arab States PERSGA Participated in the first Arab Maritime forum and Exhibition in Dubai from 27-29 May 2014.

The forum discussed the latest developments in the seaports and maritime transport sector; the participants shared the experiences and experiments so as to guide planning of future strategies and also the modernization of the shipping industry in the Arabian region. 

The forum assembled the transport ministers from the Arab region, the directors of the Arabian ports and maritime terminal operators, technologies and information providers, key providers and suppliers to the Arab maritime sector and Arab organizations working in the field of maritime and environmental conservation. 

PERSGA secretary general Prof. Ziad Abu-Ghararah addressed Prof. Ziad Abu-Ghararahthe conference in the first session during the second day in a speech during which he emphasized on the importance of the conservation of the marine environment, especially during the rapid development in the coastal areas of the Arab region and how it should be integrated with this development in order to insure sustainable development process. 

PERSGA has also participated in the exhibition during the forum. In which PERSGA has displayed a large number of its publications, posters and brochures. The publications included PERSGA technical series, PERSGA Regional Guidelines, roll-up posters and technical reports.  Also PERSGA Exhibition Arab Maritime Forum Dubai 2014PERSGA exhibited outreach materials and shots from educational films about the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden Environment. 

PERSGA guidelines and outreach materials have attracted many participants. The publications in Arabic language have particularly attracted many participants, especially the scientific guidelines and the outreach materials. Large quantities of those documents have been collected by the visitors of PERSGA pavilion in the exhibition hall. 

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden