19/05/2014 National Training for Journalists in Port Sudan
In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Wildlife for the Red Sea State,Republic of Sudan, PERSGA organized a three-day national training workshop for journalists from 19-21 May 2014. The workshop focused on the enormous value inherent in coastal and marine environments and the need for their conservation as part of any sustainable development program.
The workshop was attended by a number of prominent figures from a variety of environmental disciplines. At the opening session His Excellency Abdallah Kuna, Minister of Environment, Tourism and Wildlife for the Red SeaState praised PERSGA for its role in supporting environmental awareness programs in the region. Trusting that they would enjoy and benefit from the knowledge presented, he proceeded to encourage the journalists to use their influence to work for the conservation of marine and coastal environments.
The training programme included lectures on:the different types of coastal environment, international conventions for the protection of the oceans, marine biology and fisheries, maritime transport and alien species from ships’ ballast water, marine tourism, and environmental communication strategies.
The lectures were delivered by Dr. Mahgoub Hassan, environmental expert, Mr.Habib Abdi,the PERSGA environmental awareness programme coordinator, together with Dr. Nahid, Dr. Mona, Dr. Muamar, Dr. Babiker and Dr. Dardire, professors from the Faculty of Marine Sciences at the University of theRed Sea. Mr. Alshugera, a well-known journalist, moderated discussions and questions.
The programme included a field visit to the Port Sudan Aquarium which has been established with technical assistance from PERSGA. During the visit participants observed many of the different marine species from the Red Seaand leant about the importance of marine biodiversity. The journalists expressed their willingness to cooperate with national environmental institutions and PERSGA to disseminate the conservation message across the Red Sea state and other states of the Republic of Sudan.
The event was covered widely in the local media. Both Red Sea radio and television organized live talk-shows on the importance of conserving marine and coastal environments and the complementary roles of PERSGA and the Ministry of Environment, Tourism and Wildlife.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden