30/06/2013 Adaptation to Climate Change Impacts in Yemen

PERSGA and the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in Yemen are preparing to launch a new joint on-ground project entitled “building resilience of coastal ecosystems in Yemen for adaptation to Climate Change impacts”. The project addresses coastal ecosystem based adaptation, including tangible conservation and restoration actions on the Yemeni Red Sea coast as demonstration activities.

During June- July 2013, the regional coordinator of Living Marine Resource & Climate Change and the regional coordinator of Marine Protected Areas conducted a project preparation mission to Yemen. A series of consultation and coordination meetings were held at EPA headquarter in Sana’a, the EPA branch in Hodeida, and the city municipality. The project team also conducted field visits by the project team to mangrove locations near Hodeida, whereby key sites for collection of mangrove propagules and establishing the proposed mangrove nursery and restoration activities were selected. 

The mission also included a training session on mangrove restoration methods, which was organized at EPA office at Hodeida. The training was focused on site selection; propagules collection and nursery raising; transplanting wild seedlings for raising in nurseries, and from nursery to selected planting sites; in addition to some other aspects of mangrove restoration, such as community participation, monitoring, etc. The training targeted the technical staff at EPA Hodeida branch, who will be involved in the mangrove restoration activities of the project.

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden