16/04/2013 Following up protecting marine environment from chemical pollutants in Yemen

PERSGA Held two days national training workshop on the Computer –Aided Management of Emergency Operation (CAMEO) software suite in Aden, Republic of Yemen the workshop aimed at introducing the software fundamentals elements of the software to the national experts from Yemen as they relate to emergency situations.

The training included technical information on CAMEO application and its components ( CAMEOfm, CAMEO chemicals, MARPLOT and ALOHA), and how they are integrated. It also included hands on training by practicing few examples on using the application during responding to chemical incidents. 

The workshop has been held in Aden, 45 national experts from maritime authorities, ministry of environment,   and various agencies

The workshop also included training on "Air Sampling Device",  the air sampler device has been provided by PERSGA to the "General Authority for the Protection of the Marine Environment" in Aden to be used in collecting air samples from industrial areas. This device help in assessing the concentration and spreading of organic pollutant and hence evaluating its impacts on humans. 

The Regional Organization for the Conservation of the Environment in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden